Saturday, June 23, 2007

A little over a week and quite a few hours of computer shopping later, and I'm still stuck with the ergonomic keyboard and Windows98. There are signs of a new computer on the horizon, I'm just not sure when.

So it's time for another round of knitting in isolation -- hopefully not as long as the last one. I can't look at blogs, can't print patterns, haven't tried reserving library books online, but I'm guessing that'll go about as well as looking at blogs...and it's been a loooong time since I could type faster than the computer displayed the letters.

I did get out to the Black Sheep Gathering this morning and met up with a friend from one of my knittings lists. Had a lot of fun, found some Addi lace needles, bought 3 skeins of yarn -- which does technically break the rules of knitting from my stash and knitting up 5000 grams before buying more yarn, but it's the first time I've cheated in almost two months, ir was only ten bucks and it's prety golden laceweight that isn't anything like the colors available in Knitpicks or Elann's laceweight. And Ranee said I deserved it!

I bought it thinking of the Icarus Shawl, but then I got to thinking about Gerda and I think I've changed my mind. That's one of the things I love about laceweight. It isn't quite as interchangable as sock yarn, but there are an awful lot of things any given amount can be.

I hadn't planned on going this year, but I'm very glad I did.


Rachel said...

Have fun with your new purchases! I figure you don't ever have to explain to us why you're buying new yarn! Explanations are only necessary for non yarn-lovers!

Rachel said...

Hey Michelle!

Okay, question #1; answering replies is rather a pain for us poor bloggers, but thankfully most people know that, and only ask questions that they REALLY want answered. First, you have to click on their name in the comment box, which will take you to a list of all the blogs you're a part of. Then, you try to pick the personal blog (as opposed to Mason Dixon KAL, for example), and leave your reply on their comments. I wish blogger had a better way for doing this, but if they do, I don't know!

Okay, question #2; I've always used our carpet shaggy side up, although I don't think it truly matters. Ha, sometimes I'm so absurd as to sweep it off if it gets a little too muddy! We've used the same carpet now for 5 years, and it doesn't really show any signs of falling apart yet. In the fall my hubby just rolls it up into big fat carpet rolls and puts them in the garage for next year. It really works great! I think I only have to weed 4 times all summer!

Rachel said...

Oh,(sorry to keep bugging you), if there's a lot of questions about the same thing (like my broken toe), just make a post. If they're that interested they'll see it, lol!

Ranee said...

Of course you deserved it, Michelle! I had a great time with you and your children. I'm so glad we met up.


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