Friday, February 02, 2007

Yarn and fabric buying apparently does not cause bad luck. I'd been starting to wonder after one too many shopping trips was cancelled because the check engine light came on for no reason, or I spiked an unexplained fever, or I went into pre-term labor (yes, that really did happen more than once!), or other stupid things.

But I haven't bought any yarn or fabric at all for 35 days, and the washing machine died, the baby got sick and we spent a couple of hours at the HMO making sure it was just a cold and not a kidney infection, the rest of us got sick, the washing machine died again three loads after we spent $82 having it fixed, the computer got a virus, I've had headaches just about every day, the baby suddenly needs to see a pediatric neurologist, and I got into an accident in the new car yesterday.

At least the knitting slump I've been in seems to be turning around. I picked up my Endpaper Mitts last night, hoping to get a few rounds done, and wound up knitting until 2am, anxious to see if I had enough blue yarn to finish the ribbing without looking for the second skein. I did (although I didn't actually get them finished until a couple of minutes ago), and they fit, and I'll take pictures tomorrow when I have someone else to hold the camera.

And I finally started that hooded baby poncho I was so excited about a while back. I'm not sure my yarn is the perfect color, but it's from my stash and was originally supposed to be a hooded baby sweater.


AlisonH said...

My stars! Alright, so tell me, where do I send an emergency scarf?

Rachel said...

My goodness, you have had a time of it! I hope baby is better, soon, and it's nothing too serious?


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