Thursday, February 15, 2007

Well, darn!

Today was supposed to start off a three day flurry of activity that I didn't look forward to. Karate for Alex today....a new play group for the littlest ones fair on Saturday...and grocery shopping and trips to the post office and I don't know what all else. It wasn't going to leave any time for me to work on my Swallowtail Shawl until I don't know when.

I would've jumped at any dumb excuse to stay home, but then I got an email notification from the library that, after a month of waiting very impatiently for them to finish processing it (whatever that means), One Skein Wonders is finally waiting on the reserve shelf for me. Not ten minutes later, Alex complained that she felt weird. Not sick, just weird. So I stuck the thermometer in her mouth -- 101.something.

We're not going to karate today. Or playgroup tomorrow. And I don't feel like making sure they finish their science fair stuff just in case no one has a fever and we can actually go. And now I'm cranky about being stuck at home because I really want to get a look at that book.

I reserved One Skein Wonders on one of the kids' library cards, just in case I don't get there before they put it back into circulation. Someone has dibs on it before I'll get a second try, but that's the best damage control I can do. I'm supposed to have two weeks to get there and pick it up, so it should all work out fine. But sometimes they pull the books early.

I reserved Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasure of Stitches, because it's got the String of Purls stitch that Norma is doing so many fantastic things with. I love the log cabin square, enough to consider frogging my own log cabin and doing something like this instead. The hat's cute too.


Pat said...

Well it sounds like you might have plenty of time to knit on Swallowtail in the next few days! It looks like we are using almost the same color, but mine is in Baby Silk (I love the Gloss - I have made mittens and 2 pairs of socks with it).
Good luck getting your books!

Rachel said...

I can share your frustration! Waiting for that perfect opportunity to run out to the library can be agonizing. I hope you get your book soon, and can have lots of time to pour over it!


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