Monday, February 05, 2007

I took a picture of the baby poncho's completed front, but it looked even uglier on my screen than it does in real life, so I'm not going to show it off until I can put it on the baby. If it fits the baby. I made a few changes to the pattern and I've got my fingers crossed that the neck opening will actually stretch enough to fit over his head.... if not, I maybe I can find someone littler to give it to.

While I'm knitting away on this poncho, I'm mentally planning the baby poncho I really want to knit. It's brown or maybe green, It's got cables along the bottom, and a hood with cables along the edge, and probably not a pocket because I don't think it'll need one with the cables. And I never would've thought of it if I wasn't working on this one and picking apart all of the things I wish were different.

That huge percentage of knitters they say insist on using the exact yarn and color the pattern calls for... I'm obviously not one of them!

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Rachel said...

Isn't it wonderful altering patterns (at least on purpose)? I just love doing that. Kudos to you!


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