Friday, February 23, 2007

Does anyone know how long it takes a virus to work its way through a six person household? Since Leif came down with his fever on the 12th there have been fevers, and chills, and coughing, and sleepless nights. There was a child who work up from her nap wearing a new outfit inside out over the clothes she'd gone to sleep in and insisted that someone came in and put it on her while she was sleeping. And the mommy who woke up at 3am really ticked off that someone had unravelled her arms and reknit them in scratchy green wool. Kinda scary -- especially since the fevers we did have weren't particularly high ones. And Quinn didn't even start to show any symptoms until yesterday, so there's no end in sight.

I am so ready for us to be healthy again!

During a lull in our symptoms, we did dart into the library to pick up the books I've had reserved, so I've got One Skein Wonders, the 2nd Barbara Walker Treasury (for that string of purls stitch), Knitorama, Knitting With Balls, The Knitting Way, Just Wraps, Simply Baby, and the March Whoduknit book to play with while we finish recuperating.


Sonya said...

Boy! Your library has a much better knitting selection than we have in Jeffersonville, IN
When is One Skein Wonders due back?
I'll have to go to your library and check it out. Let us know what you think of the patterns in the book.

Rachel said...

Oh you poor things! It's so awful when the whole family gets sick, especially when mommy is sick, too. I really hope ya'll are back to normal soon.


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