Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This Yarn is Loud

I started to unravel the sweater Monday, thinking I'd use the yarn for one of the nifty felted boxes from Mason Dixon Knitting. Then it started to whisper that what it wants to be when it's all done is a felted birdhouse. That's one of the yarn diet rules, you know. The yarn you're trying to use immediately starts whining that what it really would work best as is the thing you'd have to go out and buy a pattern for.


I'm not buying a new pattern to make a scratchy thrift store sweater happy, even if it does seem to be handspun. It's just going to have to shut up and be a box. Or a mobius bowl, because A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting finally came in at the library after months and months of waiting and I can't get over how fantastic those baskets and bags are!


Dawn said...

Haha! The recycling bug has bitten You know, though, considering how little that sweater and ALL that yarn cost you, you could probably afford a tiny little pattern...

Joni said...

You're good! I would have said a pattern isn't yarn, so of course doesn't count. ;)


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