Monday, June 26, 2006

A Hundred Hours


I got out of bed before 6am to work on this and watch a zombie movie. I wasn't sure about the stitch pattern or the movie at first, not until I figured out that it would look neater if I crossed over one stitch at a time and the zombies turned up. Now I'm hoping the movie has a commentary so I can watch it again at naptime and get some more done on the Dream Swatch.

I've got this plan. Before I buy any more yarn or fabric or whatever, I'm going to spend a hundred hours working with what's already in my stash. The plan was inspired by UseWhat I Have and Finish What You Have and a question one on of the lists about what you'd knit if you had to knit EVERYTHING in your stash before buying everything new.

That last one was just scary. I know it was just a question, not a serious suggestion, but it still sent a chill through me. Once I calmed down again, I started thinking it might be fun to go through my stash and make a list of what I could do with all of that yarn. I will do that, once I get some time up in the sewing room.

Right now, though, I'm giving myself a chance to use some of my yarn and fabric to make some of the stuff I've had planned since two pregnancies ago. Or some new stuff -- as long as I'm using existing stash, printing patterns off of the internet or checking out books from the library is okay.

I figure it'll take a couple of months to do that much knitting/sewing/whatever. I don't know if I'll wind up doing a bunch of little projects or a couple of big ones -- whatever I feel like doing with what I've got counts. I'm still working out the rules. Unravelling the sweaters I bought to recycle counts. Preshrinking and ironing quilt fabric counts. Going through Mom's two bins of scraps and cutting out squares for the I Spy counts. Winding yarn from skeins into balls counts. Reorganizing my binders of knitting patterns or searching for a specific pattern I can't find doesn't.

5 hours done, 95 to go...

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