Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This is neat! Too bad the only feltable green wool I think I have is tied up in a pair of Quinn's socks. I will not frog them, even if it is the perfect shade of green and the socks are too bulky to fit in his new tennis shoes and he doesn't have the slightest bit of interest in anything his mommy knits for him. Tearing apart the kids' clothing so I can cast on for a new project is probably one of those things a good mommy wouldn't do.

I wouldn't take his socks even if I could get the pdf file to open. I'm supposed to be knitting cute little booties and hats and sweaters instead of planning new projects. There are four babies I want to make things for, not including my own two. And they're all growing, so I'd better do their knitting first!

The first baby gift was going well. I'd planned a matching hat, socks, and sweater and had just the right yarn and patterns picked out. There was plenty of time to all finish it before the shower. After a day and a half of knitting, I realized that even though the hat is going to be really cute, it's not nearly girly enough.

So now I'm working on a baby blanket. It's pale pink and the feather and fan pattern I'm using is girly as can be. And I just realized that I left it in the front room with three of my kids-- gotta go!

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