Saturday, April 09, 2011


I haven't been able to figure out what to work on today. There's my birthday quilt, which I started a couple of days before my birthday. And there are my 10 Minute Blocks. There's the jelly roll lap quilt, which I want to lengthen with a few more strips. There's the new Accuquilt die that came this week, the one I've been dying for. And it's probably warm enough to go up and start digging through the sewing room.

What I wound up working on was the purple and white lap quilt I started cutting for the Accuquilt video. The top is together, and I've got a striped purple sheet that will work great for the backing -- leaving more of the solid purple for another two color something or other.

And I suppose I've got a list to start working my way through tomorrow.

I'm drooling over the lace jewelry at Whiteowl: found. I love the delicate combination of lace and beads and chain, and I love the way they've photographed the pieces against battered old books.

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