Saturday, June 19, 2010

Learning Something New

I've heard that razor blades are good for ripping out long seams, but I never had the motivation to try it myself until today when I saw my little yellow and white quilt top in good light.

The white I used for the solid blocks is nowhere near the same color as the white I used for the nine patch blocks. If I'd cut all of the pieces from the same sheet, it would have been fine. If I'd cut them from any other combination of sheets, it would have been fine. Only one hunk of fabric was blindingly white, and of course I don't have enough of it left to cut the solid blocks.

I was tempted to toss the whole thing and start over, but the yellow fabric is good stuff and right now I'm stubborn enough to take the whole thing apart. Because, unlike the van and my sore shoulder and a laundry list of other stupid things, I can FIX this all by myself.

Recently, I stumbled across the Feeling Stitchy blog and the more fantastic embroidery I see there, the more I want to try some myself. Did you know that you can embroider on the pages of old books? I found a tutorial. And you've got to go look at this and this. How someone would even come up with the idea, let alone have the patience to pull it off... I really wish there was more explanation to go with it. They look hand stitched, but WOW.

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