Thursday, April 22, 2010

You know those things you keep putting off because you're too tired, or don't have the energy, or don't have the time? You know how they usually don't take half as long as you expected them to?

This little basket was one of those things --

In a perfect world, I'd have looked at the actual measurements before I started the project and sized it up a bit, but I didn't do that. I've got enough fabric to make a bigger one if I get that inspired, but for now it's DONE and that's the important thing.

The pattern is that fabric basket tutorial at Pink Penguin that I've been wanting to try for months, minus the patchwork around the top. The whole thing took less than an hour -- why did I work so hard at putting this off?

And while I was basking in feelings of accomplishment and the kids were still not-napping, I sewed up the seam of that baby hat and sewed together the rows for the newest little quilt --

Now I'm almost done quilting Courthouse Steps.

1 comment:

June Dodge said...

The little holder looks easy enough for me to - thanks for the link to the pattern. And your quilt is very, very nice. I'm bookmarking so I can return to create my own version of it... Thanks!


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