Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is it a bad sign that I can get so excited about glossy pictures of fabric scraps? After much hemming and hawing and waiting to see if I could find a copy at a quilt shop and actually look at the thing before I spent the money, I finally gave in and ordered Bonnie's new book as a birthday present to myself, hoping I'd love it as much as I loved her first one.

I do love it. There are two quilts I'm desperate to make, and some others I probably will make, and then there are the glossy closeups of the blocks. It makes me feel like all of....most of....some scrap hoard will be just fine.

Tonight, I'm piecing scraps, switching back and forth between the nine patch I want to make for myself and the other idea I sort of think might work out as a baby quilt.

And the latest baby quilt top is done -- I really like these disappearing four patch blocks! If I could scrounge up enough plaid shirts in the right colors, I'd do a big one for my boys.

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Helen in the UK said...

I think your excitement over scraps is perfectly natural. It's people who discard them without appreciating the beauty that could be created who are strange!! Glad you are loving the book, I was thrilled when I got mine too :)


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