Friday, April 09, 2010

I had to run an errand this morning, so when we were done with that we stopped at the thrift store that usually has decent prices on sheets. I've chatted with the couple who run the shop several times, and the wife actually checks for stains and rips and the few times I've bought sheets with "small stains," I've never been able to figure out what was wrong with them. It's win-win -- I get cheap sheets and don't even have to check them for cigarette burns and other ickiness!

No sheets today, but there was a taped up bundle labeled "odds and ends."

It's definitely vintage and I was thinking it must be curtains (the wife wasn't there to ask), and decided it had to be worth $1.49. Now that I've got it home and unwrapped, I'm still not sure exactly what it is.

My best guess is that I'm the new owner of a set of three oddly sized table cloths, with rick rack where the seams are. Not down the middle or along the edges, just wherever the seams happened to fall. I've got at least seven yards of this stuff and the first thing I have planned for it (after figuring out what some of those unidentified kitchen gadgets are) is an apron.

Tonight's project -- finish quilting that cat quilt and get started on the binding. Shouldn't take long, which is good because I'm running on about two hours of sleep. Not, sadly, because I was up late playing, but because the littlest one gave me his cough.

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Helen in the UK said...

Hope your cough is better soon! The fabric looks great - it's amazing what you can find in thrift shops :)


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