Sunday, April 04, 2010

All I want to do is enlarge a pattern so I can applique some cats onto that yellow strip quilt. That's not a lot to ask, is it?

After spending an hour on the phone with HP tech support -- not an hour on hold, an hour of pushing buttons and taking out ink cartridges and putting them back in and unplugging cords and holding down two different buttons while putting the cord back in...I've finally got my pattern enlarged and my fingers tightly crossed that this stupid printer is actually going to keep working.

And while it's working, I printed out the pattern for a Groovy Bird Embroidered Pillow because it's just too cute not to make. I don't think I'm going to do a pillow, but I'm absolutely loving that bird. And this idea for decorating old wooden spools with itty bitty fabric scraps. Because I've got some itty bitty scraps of wonderful vintage prints, and some wooden spools...if I can just remember where I put them...

I'm finding such cute stuff tonight, after I wasted most of my computer time dealing with the printer. It's sad.

Before my printer started throwing hissy fits and I got distracted by embroidery and wooden spools, I planned to write about what I did this afternoon -- Madder Snowballs is finally quilted!

This thing has been pin-basted since January and I've been moving it from place to place to get it out of my way while I worked on other things. I even had the binding cut and pressed and the bobbins wound. I just didn't have the enthusiasm to quilt this particular quilt -- those dozen or so little quilts I quilted instead were apparently something totally different!

But some of the Stashbusters were doing a quilting challenge, and I'm always jumping onto bandwagons, so my quilt is done except for handstitching the binding. Same as my birthday quilt.

That's a lot of binding to sew.

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Helen in the UK said...

Congrats on another great finish :)


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