Sunday, September 13, 2009

Halloween is in the air already. And on my house -- look who was napping on the front porch when I stepped out there last week! Isn't he just the cutest thing? I'm trying not to dwell on the sign in front of the veterinary clinic that warns me about rabid bats every time I drive by.

We were careful to leave him alone and kept our fingers crossed that he'd find his way back where he belonged once it got dark again. Hopefully he's back out in the barn doing his batty thing.

There hasn't been a lot of quilting time lately. If I could do that fifteen minutes a day people keep recommending, I'd be making progress on the gorgeous quilt that's in my head, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that most of the pople who keep recommending that aren't homeschooling four kids. I know -- there are people homeschooling six or a dozen whose dishes are all done and carpets vacuumed and finished three quilts this week, but I'm not one of 'em.

I did play with some leftovers from a thrift store scrap bag this afternoon and come up with this --

The white looks much less stark in real life, but I still think it needs some applique or something. I've just got to figure out what to stick in those empty squares.


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Trish said...

The simpliest would be a red heart, or four tiny red hearts. How complicated do you want to make it? Simple Embroidery design, perhaps... a bat?? lol a fish? giggle. Sorry.. feeling a little silly here :) Love your blog. Somedays are just jinxed. Spend those days huggig the kids!!
Trish in Kansas


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