Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today, I'm cutting up fabric....some for a snowball quilt I'm dying to start...some for Fun With Bricks...some for a scrappy pineapple I'm trying to work up the nerve to try...and some just because it's there.

I've worked my way through one scrap bag so far this afternoon and plan on starting another one as soon as I'm done on the computer. I'm taking it one piece of fabric at a time, cutting a few strips (today I'm doing 1 1/2", 2", and 2 1/2") and deciding what to do with the rest if I don't chop up the whole piece.

Nice fabric is getting folded to go on the bookshelves in the sewing room. Some is going into piles for specific quilts I've got planned.

The awful stuff -- and there is some truly hideous fabric in this assortment -- goes back into the bag for now because I only need so many strips of the red casino print at one time. And some did go into the trash.

My goal for now is to get at least ten yards cut up according to Bonnie's Scrap Users System. It's the perfect job for me while I'm stressed and can't seem to work on my quilts without damaging them. One piece at a time, it's do-able, but if I look at the whole bag I get overwhelmed.

Just gotta keep reminding myself, I don't have to do all of it today, or tomorrow, or ever. I'm just playing.

I also finished the knit portion of the Tricornu pincushion. Would you believe this is the ONLY thing I've knit so far this year? That scares me a bit. I'd finish it if I could figure out the directions for the sewn part.

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