Monday, February 09, 2009

The Stashbuster group is doing a Not So Ugly Sunshine Sampler. The first step was to come up with two yards of ugly fabric. I've got that!

Mom gave me the purple stuff and it's been sitting on the comfy chair in my sewing room for ages. Every time I went up there looking for something else, I'd see it and wonder what on earth I was ever going to use it for. So it's the first fabric I thought of when I read about this project, and there's almost exactly two yards.

I also needed yellow. Not sure if that had to be ugly or not, but I'm not using my good yellow for this project, and this stuff was lying near the ugly purple fabric. It's not ugly ugly, but I'm fairly sure it isn't cotton. That's got to count against it.

We have a choice of two blocks -- Old Maid's Puzzle or All Hallows. Of course I chose the one with more little pieces!

It was like putting together a puzzle and a lot of fun, even if I did wind up putting mine together a little bit wrong. I can always rip it out and fix it later. Or not.

I don't think it looks too bad the way it is. My only complaint is that I think I have to wait a whole month for the next block in the sampler.

That was the fun part of my day. I've also spent literally hours in an online chat trying to fix the problems with dh's tax software. I need the state portion. Clicking the button to download it doesn't work. I'm fairly sure that doing the same thing over and over and over isn't going to make it work, but the person I was talking to didn't agree with me. She finally told me to wait an hour and try the same thing again. Didn't work, so I'm getting ready to try again, hopefully with someone else.

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Michelle, I love your All Hallows block! Isn't it amazing how those really ugly fabrics end up looking good? I've picked out some of my "coordinating" fabrics and agree with you....I'm not using my really good fabrics for this one! LOL


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