Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm in a lousy mood. I've been sitting here with two tops ready to assemble, not to mention a bunch of other things I could be working on. Lots of time to quilt, but absolutely no energy and enthusiasm.

I did finally make myself cut up the shirts for One Thrifty Quilt on Thursday night -- and made a stupid mistake that I'll have to compensate for later. And yesterday I was so upset about something I couldn't sit still so, even though I didn't feel like it, I assembled the blocks for my Birds in the Air quilt...and ripped a bunch apart and assembled them again...and sewed a section in backwards....and then upside down....

At least it's together and I've finally got all of the blocks facing the right direction. Now I've got to work up the enthusiasm to get it all ironed and fuse the birdies on so I can start buttonhole stitching around them.

And the second step for One Thrifty Quilt is up. I love that she gave us things to work on if we finished early and wanted something else to work on! And now I know that I'll be able to use the back of my favorite light shirt to make up for my missing 6 1/2 squares. I'd rather have that plaid on the front of the quilt.

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