Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Even though we have karate and bowling and have to stop and get my oldest son's glasses fixed for the umpteenth time, I think I'm looking forward to our trip to town tomorrow because the kids will be either doing something or strapped into their seat belts and not crawling all over me. Except for the two hours at the bowling alley, when I get to chase the littlest ones, but maybe they'll be content pretending to drive the video games shaped like race cars.

Today is my fifth day trying to fight off whatever this current bug is and, after lying in bed until four or five am coughing and then getting up bright and early to chase after Leif, I haven't had the energy to do much except sit on the couch reading World War Z - an Oral Account of the Zombie Wars and trying to convince the little guys that my shoulders aren't for sitting on. Between the book's creepy descriptions of grasping zombies and the two little bodies swarming over me all day long, there's no way I'm not going to have nightmares tonight!

But I do have a fuller appreciation of the my two older children who can understand that Mom is feeling lousy and can't talk without coughing up bits of lung. I can write them notes and gesture at them and they find the whole thing pretty entertaining.

And the best part of my day is that it's almost bedtime!

I got twenty-two more Birds in the Air blocks pieced last night, and I think I've found perfect fabric for the pieced border of Glittering Gems. The fabric I was planning to use is just too pink, so I was planning to buy something browner. Then I was tearing apart a shirt I got at the Goodwill bins last week and decided that it would be perfect. I just need to dig out the pattern and measure my fabric to make sure there's enough of it.

I keep stumbling across the Fabric Basket tutorial over at Pink Penguin. Probably the only reason I haven't tried one yet is that my dial up connection won't let me see all of the pictures at once and I'm going to need them to figure out the lining.

Crazy Mom Quilts had the idea of making them in different colors and using them to sort scraps. Isn't that brilliant?

And I think Alex would love a Fish to Sushi Plushie. For someone who doesn't actually eat the stuff, she's got a weird fascination with sushi. Now the question is whether I make it for her, or just print the pattern and give it to her?

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