Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Despite my best efforts to waste the day online yesterday, that laundry room looks pretty good. I could still put the cans on the shelves into some sort of order and bring in the shop vac to get what the broom wouldn't reach in the cracks, but it's clean enough. And during my many attempts to avoid it, I found new projects to play with!

Check out Seven Shirts + Seven Steps = One Thrifty Quilt! This on really captured my imagination -- a whole quilt, including the backing, out of seven shirts.

I sorted through the shirts I bought a couple of weeks back and found two lights and a dark that I didn't already have plans for. I was hoping (but not really expecting) to find the other four shirts for not more than two bucks a piece. So we hit the thrift stores earlier this afternoon.

I found colors I would've loved even if they hadn't been 75% off and came in far below my "extravagant" budget.

The new shirts are in the washer now and I'm hoping to have them cut up before the next step comes out.

I also found the solution to my current scrap quilt problem -- I've got an awful lot of extremely weird prints that don't want to sort nicely into lights and darks. My first scrap quilt used random bits of this and that, with muslin for the light parts. It saved me a lot of stress and decision making.

I've been trying to find another pattern that will work the same way. I know they're out there. I've got quite a few sitting in my to-do pile, but not the "I'll know it when I see it" pattern that I was hoping to find.

I found it. It's Fun With Bricks over at Quiltville. I can cut ugly 2" strips until I've got too many and use what's left over for that Weed Whacker I'm planning to make one of these days.

But first I've got a couple of tops to assemble!

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