Saturday, May 03, 2008

I somehow got really busy really fast.

It started with the wire mesh shelves I bought at Costco a month ago. They made it up to the sewing room and sat, then last week the kids were playing outside and it seemed like a good idea to put them together. I don't care what the instructions say, it wasn't easy and there was no "really fun part." I actually bled. But the thing does hold a ton of yarn and look pretty nice, even if I don't have room to set it up with all eight blocks.

A couple of days later, I talked Bill into finally putting together the eliptical he bought me for Christmas. That thing should have been marketed as a kit -- I've never seen so many little loose pieces. But there were no injuries, unless you want to count the sore muscles I've had since I started using the thing.

I started and finished the Soft Baby Cardigan from Knitter's Book of Yarn for a friend at church who isn't sure yet if she's having a boy or a girl. I had to get one girly thing done before the ultrasound limited my options. I could've used a neutral color, but the raspberry skein has been sitting in my stash forever and I feel good about using it up. I also love the way it looks in the box stitch pattern.


Last night, I cast on for the Diamonds and Pearls Shawl from the same book, which I really want, but hadn't started before now because there's no chart. People on Ravelry claim to have knit it in two or three evenings -- I can put up with the written instructions for that long. Maybe longer, because I really like the way this yarn is working up and might make mine bigger.


And I cast on for the Citrus Yoke Pullover this morning. I've got my fingers tightly crossed that it'll fit and that I have enough yarn. Mostly that it'll fit -- I can buy more yarn.

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