Saturday, June 09, 2007

Utility quilts intrigue me. I want one of my very own. There actually should be a couple hidden away around here someplace, but they're not the kind I'm currently fantasizing about.

I want a quilt that'll use up a ton of ugly scraps and turn them into something that looks neat. I want one that I can spread out on the grass at the park because that's much more comfortable than trying to sit and knit on one of the concrete benches. I want one that won't require a whole lot of accuracy while I'm working on it.

I think I've got a good start --

I've been going through the bags of auction and thrift store fabric, pulling out oddly shaped pieces that I'm never going to use in a regular quilt, and cutting them into strips. There was a little plastic bag that turned out to be full of fabric already cut into strips, and I just hauled down one of the plastic tubs of Mom's scraps (which, for some reason live in my sewing room instead of hers) and found a bunch more strips.

And I figured out what was wrong with my rotary cutter, which hasn't worked right in ages. I had changed the blade a while back, but that didn't help matters at all. Then yesterday I read on one of the quilting lists that it works to take the blade out and flip it, so I decided to give that a try.

There were TWO blades in the dumb thing. They must've stuck together when I was being so careful to take the new one out of the package.

It works much better now. And my 10 year old still hasn't stopped laughing at me.


amandajean said...

I can sympatize for your rotary cutter woes. I have worn out one already in the 7 years that I have been quilting.

Your utility quilt looks great! Those types of quilts intrigue me as well. I will be looking forward to seeing progress on yours.

Pat said...

I love true scrap quilts!! I just started a quilt today - well at least I pulled all the scraps together for a red and white one...(My scrap pile is big enough that I had over 100 different reds!)Can't wait to see yours! Bet that rotary cutter is working better with 1 blade!

Rachel said...

Ha ha, isn't that just like a kid? If 10 year old doesn't quit laughing, threaten to post pictures of them as a baby doing something embarassing . .
My kids are still young, and I'm making sure to get lots of "ammunition" for when they hit the early teens . . .(Forewarned is forearmed, I always say!)

My great-grandmother made crazy quilts with the oddest scraps of fabric, and somehow they were such beautiful works of art! She would sew them together with a funky zigzag stitch using a really brightly colored thread. Somehow the bright thread (although it clashed with some fabrics) tied the whole thing together and made it look more cohesive. Just a suggestion!


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