Sunday, June 10, 2007

This time, the swatch didn't lie, which has me totally confused. I tried this thing on just before dividing the front and back and it seemed HUGE. Now that it's done, it fits just right. It measures what the schematic says it should. I like the neckline. I thought it would choke me, but it's even loose enough to easily pull on over my ponytail and glasses.

I think I'll try this pattern again with different stitch patterns for the panels.

Pattern: Icy Blue Shell from Creative Knitting July 2007
Yarn: 2 1/2 skeins Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Needles: Denise 10 1/2 circulars

I didn't feel like knitting at all last night, but wound up ordering a couple of scary movies on pay-per-view and working until all of the ends were woven in. Then I really didn't feel like knitting anything else ever. Not a comfortable feeling, even though I knew it was just temporary.

I was still feeling that way tonight, but I should finish more of the summer tops I have planned so I went up to the sewing room to look for that Elann Sonata I ordered last summer, then googled so I could print out another copy of the pattern I bought it for -- Sonata Crest of the Wave Tank Top.

What was I thinking?! Why didn't I cast on for this months ago?! I want it now!


Rachel said...

(Drooling) oooooo that's so pretty! How do you always manage to find the most gorgeous patterns?

I have a question about that pattern, though. Do you knit it with two strands of yarn at one time? I couldn't figure it out. I'd like to knit it, however, with some recycled yarn I have on hand, so if you can solve my dilemma, that'd be great!

Mary Lynn said...

Very nice. Dontcha just love it when everything works!

Kuky said...

Wow actual knitting. I'm so jealous. I haven't picked up my knitting in months. It's been almost a year since I knit my belted cardigan. It's so funny. I wanted to finish it by winter 2006. Ah yeah...that didn't happen.

And thank you for commenting on our stressful Monday. The gas to the furnace is turned off. Thankfully everything is resolved now.


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