Thursday, March 22, 2007

Look what's finally off the needles -- Frozen Lake! I won't start calling it a finished object until it's blocked (otherwise it'd nevet get blocked), but I'm just about giddy to have made it this far. Between this project and my Swallowtail, I've conquered my fear of triangular shawls! Which, in case you didn't know, was caused by this shawl.

blog 050

I am so happy!

Now it's back to Ester, which I'm anxious to finish but not to work on. At the rate I'm going now that I've ditched the cable needle, it'll probably take another twelve hours or so.


Mary Lynn said...


The triangle is beautiful. I can hardly wait to see it blocked! Great job!

Rachel said...

That is simply gorgeous. I am in complete awe. I really like the way the yarn colors fan out. Beautiful!


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