Tuesday, October 03, 2006

cameracard 097

This is a baby who does not need heart surgery. This afternoon, we went in for more tests and found out that the hole has closed on its own. I must've asked the doctor at least three times if she was absolutely sure, but it's definitely gone, it definitely can't come back, and he won't need any more follow up with the cardiologist. I'm a very happy mommy.

I found some neat things while I was reading blogs this morning...

There's Crossed in Transit, with some of the most tempting cabled sweaters I've ever seen. If the book was in English, or if I could figure out how to order from yesasia.com, I'd probably be ordering a copy tonight. But it's not, and I can't, so I've been able to maintain my self control. For the moment, at least. There's pretty lace in the book, too...

That led me to Dory's Knitted Spiral Counterpane Blanket Oooooooh! Can you believe that gorgeous masterpiece used to be a sweater hanging on the rack at GoodWill?


Diane Thornton said...

Michelle. Hugs on the heart healing, congrats on the neat looking cardigan and that blanket from your friend Doro is incredible. I have yet to tackle recycling yarn. Enjoy your vacation.

Deb Brown said...

Awesome news Michelle! I'll pray that all goes well for a lifetime!


Stephanie... said...

WooHoo THAT'ss FABULOUS!!!!!!

mlj1954 said...


I am so happy for you and your family. My oldest daughter's hole closed too and she is now 20 and her doctor told her last year that even her murmur is gone and she does not need to take antibiotics when she goes to the dentist . . . and all those things that became part and parcel of your life go away . . . and you realize that you had been holding your breath.

So breath Mommy, you deserve it!


Mary Lynn


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