Saturday, July 15, 2006

Vintage Puppy Dogs?

Brownsville was having its annual city-wide garage sale today, which the kids and I stumbled across by accident. I got a big stack of unused math and reading workbooks, clothes for the babies, some really nice magnets for the fridge...and yarn.

pics 001

Fifty cents for seven skeins of baby yarn and a pattern book from 1947.

pics 002

This cute little guy was sitting in a shallow cardboard box under a table in a woman's garage. She was talking to someone else about how she knew some of the things she was selling were worth money, but she had no idea how to price any of it. There were more dogs underneath the top one that hadn't been appliqued to the background squares yet.

They've got to be old. I haven't come across anything like them at any of the estate sales I've been searching. I was trying to figure out how much would be too much, sure they were worth more than I wanted to pay, when she asked if I'd pay a quarter. I thought garage sale deals like that were a thing of the past!

pics 003

The dog has twelve little buddies and also came with the cardboard template the original quilter had made. There are some other little bits I can't figure out - petals, maybe? I wish I'd asked the lady if she knew who started this project so I could add her name to the quilt label if I ever am able to assemble them into a finished quilt. She might even have been able to guess at their age.

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Dawn said...

I love the puppy dogs!! I actually have quilt squares that my mom gave me. They have hearts with Strawberry Shortcake on them that my mom started for ME when I was a kid. I hope I'm never that bad that I pass down stuff for my kids to


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