Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Shape of a Mother

I think it's supposed to be good news that the Durango didn't get totalled Sunday when the brakes failed and it went across the highway and into the ditch. (The real good news is that Bill was the only one in it and no other cars happened to be on the highway at that particular moment so it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it could have been.) Now we get to wait three weeks for it it to be fixed so we can trade it in for something that won't try to kill us. While we're waiting, we're down to the 20 year old Honda that won't fit the whole family. So I'll be spending most of my time at home. Hopefully that means I'll have lots of time to knit.

pics 007 Today's post on Knit and Tonic inspired me to pull out the cute little red top I knitted ages ago and only wore once before I got pregnant. I was thinking I'd wear it when I take Alex to karate this afternoon, then I tried it on and discovered that, while it stretches nicely to accommodate my latest bra size, that makes it a tiny smidge shorter than I'd like.

I was reading through some more knitting blogs, debating whether to use the left over yarn to add some kind of edging, or just shove the top back into the box it came from until my tummy gets flatter, and found The Shape of a Mother. I'll be wearing my top today.

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