Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's HOT!

It might actually be too hot to knit, but if I'm going to spend the day sitting under the ceiling fans and trying to move as little as possible, I might as well do something constructive.

The mobius vest, which I cast on a few days ago, is done. It could have been a bit bigger, but Heath is happy and was even wearing it for a while. The garter stitch was soothing, which I needed this week. And it used up two of the three skeins of Red Heart Grande that I bought on clearance a while back, which is another plus. Buying that yarn somehow made sense at the time. I'm not sure quite why, because it wasn't even that cheap. I think a matching hat -- or maybe hats for both Heath and Quinn -- will use up the last of it.

I found the Traveler socks, which I hadn't picked up since before we left on vacation, finished the first one last night, and got halfway through the second one this morning. Why were these buried in the bottom of my knitting box? They're cute. They're coming out the right size. And they're working up super fast.

And there's the Mystery Stole, which has totally sucked me in. I'm barely keeping up with one repeat of each clue, even though I'd love to have the whole thing done at the end of the six weeks. Can't blame that on the kids -- it's me and my inability to go that long without switching projects. If I spent all of my knitting time on the stole, I could probably keep up, but I don't have (or maybe I don't want?) that kind of discipline.

Oh, and there's a dropped stitch on about row 10, which I didn't notice until now because the ladders were pretending to be yo's. I'm not ripping out that many rows. I wouldn't rip out that many rows even if the mistake was so blatant that it had flashing neon lights around it. I'm going to tack it in place so it doesn't run down any further, and let it keep on pretending to be a bunch of eyelets.

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