Sunday, July 02, 2006

Baby Kimono

It's a Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono! And a heartbreakingly cute little baby who doesn't want to wear it! But if he can insist on being wide awake at 1am, I can insist on taking his picture. I used 2 skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky and between the larger gauge and just a couple of minor length adjustments, it fits Leif perfectly. The underarm seams could be a LOT better, but it was 1am and it's a quicky baby sweater, not an heirloom.

After that cabled pink sweater I made Alex, I know I said I'd never use this stuff again, but she kept insisting on wearing it and after being washed and dried repeatedly the uneven stitches that made me hate it all started to behave and it softened up and developed this wonderful drapy quality. And it's dirt cheap at WalMart.


And here are the warshrags, the first seven of what I'm sure will be an insane number. The ones on the left match my kitchen, the ones in the middle are nice and Springy, the ones on the right are really really bright

felted mobius swatch

A Mobius Autopsy

After a careful examination of this miserably felted swatch, it's been determined that the mobius cast on was entirely successful. The lack of felting may be the fault of the loud yarn which still thinks it wants to be a birdhouse, or of too-large needles resulting in a ridiculously loose stitch gauge. The blue gunk can be entirely blamed on the stupid pair of K-mart clearance jeans that fit for a whole half a day after I bought them.

The jeans have been banned from all future felting attempts and the yarn is being given a second chance as a felted box because it just might behave if I used two strands and worked at a tighter gauge and ran it through the wash with a different pair of jeans.

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