Friday, July 28, 2006

It was too hot to knit. For me, it turned out to be too hot to function at all and I spent a couple of days sitting on the couch hoping for it to cool down enough that my string of miserable headaches would finally come to an end. That's harder than it sounds when you're holding a small baby and hoping not to puke on him.

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But I'm much better now. Better enough that the kids and I met my mom in Albany this afternoon to look for quilts. Someone had sent me an email that they had 150 quilts on display in historic buildings downtown and that's really all the excuse I need to load the kids into the car and take off.

The quilts were incredible. There's a cute little quilt store in town that I'd somehow never heard of -- and they had Australian quilting magazines. I didn't know there was such a thing, or that I'd love them so much if there was, but there is and they're full of chickens and scarecrows and country stuff I've got to make for my house. And the older ones were 50% off, making them much cheaper than the plain old quilting magazines at the grocery store, let alone the Japanese ones I did know I wanted but am too cheap to buy.

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And this came in the mail yesterday. Twelve THOUSAND yards of quilting thread. I could do a lot with this...

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