Friday, January 13, 2006

This isn't fun anymore...

I don't like my knitting anymore. I assume that's due to a combination of knitting non-stop for a month, not being able to go up the stairs to my sewing room and get the yarn I really want to play with, and small children who have sabotaged all three of my current WIPs.

Someone took one needle tip off of my Denise cables, and although I could finish Chaos without it, I'm using it as an excuse to avoid picking up stitches for the neck and button band, which doesn't seem like it can possibly work.

Someone took all of the needles out of my Opal sock, which I'd just put back on the needles for the third time in as many days. Then someone else put three of the needles and the sock back in the plastic bag and tried to convince me that it had just fallen off of the couch. I refuse to believe that something that started out in the bottom of my knitting bag could become separated from its needles without being removed from the bag first. But they did find the missing needle. So I could pick up all of those splitty little stitches....again....

Heath's sock came out the right size, and when I went to get the second ball of yarn from my knitting bag last night, there wasn't any yarn in there. It's been found and returned to me, but I had to hide the knitting bag and even if I did feel like getting up pulling it back out at the same time as I felt like casting on for the socks, I'm afraid that the needles might not be there.

I will feel like knitting again though, I'm sure of it! I just spent my Christmas money on a big order of sock yarn (lots more of the Sock Landscape I fell in love with when I was knitting the Cape Code socks) from Knitpicks. And, not five minutes later, I found out that I really really need some black and white wool to knit pirate stuff. There's a hat, which I fell head over heels for even before I saw the mittens, which are even neater. Too bad I didn't see them in time to order some yarn!


2bzy2knit said...

Michelle! What an awful knitting experience. Those little monkeys can be so "helpful" at times. My favourite was when I was babysitting a friends 18 month old and he ripped out half of a lace sweater I was working on. First time I ever touched lace. Good thing it wasn't lace weight and was a chunky weight instead. I still was devasted!

Favorite Apron said...

I had a regia sock on #2 wooden double points. Someone stepped on the bag and snapped all the needles. Arrg!
Congrats on baby Leif!!


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