Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2005 - My Fo's

I actually finished 46 projects this year, some of them fairly large or complicated -- by my standards, at least. That's a lot more than last year, which puzzles me since I've spent 2005 having a new baby, buying a new house, and growing another new baby... I did knit a lot last month, but not THAT much!

Here's how it broke down --

6 pairs of adult socks
4 pairs baby socks
1 pair of socks for Heath
2 pairs of slippers for Alex
10 hats
8 scarves
4 shawls
2 baby blankets

There was also a baby sweater, a diaper soaker, and some other little stuff -- the full list of projects is in the side bar. I've decided that there's not much point comparing my own output from year to year (let alone comparing mine to anyone else's, even though that is fun!), but it's interesting to look back and see the trends I didn't notice until I saw all of the projects in one list. 2005 seems to have been my year of big flat things. Very few of the projects needed much finishing except for weaving in the ends, and I don't think I did a gauge swatch all year.

This year, I'm going to knit sweaters for me and all four kids. And tackle more complex sock patterns instead of the generic toe-up method I've been using. While I was in the hospital, I actually followed the pattern for the Gull Socks from Socks Socks Socks as written, gusset heel and all. Somehow, even though I was using yarn and needles that I happened to have with me, and forcing them to work, they fit! There are tons of patterns in that book I'd like to tackle, and I'm also waiting for the copy of Sensational Knitted Socks my mom ordered to replace a gift from her that had to be exchanged.

I'm also going to do more sewing this year. The 2006 Quilt Pattern a Day Calendar has some projects I can't wait to start in on once I'm allowed to sit up and use the sewing machine.

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