Sunday, June 05, 2005

Mystery Stole Along

For the first time ever, I've managed to start a knitalong at the same time as everyone else! I was still on the couch at two thirty this morning, working on Step One of the Mystery Stole Along. It was almost done at midnight, when I suddenly started dropping stitches left and right and wound up so frustrated I cut the whole thing off the needles. Then, since I was starting over anyway, I had to go online and find a better way to do the provisional cast on. And once I had the 111 stitches on my needles again, I had to keep going. I would've been knitting even later than that, but I convinced myself I should get some sleep before the kid leapt out of bed to start their day.

The most exciting part of this project so far has been the swatch. Feather and Fan really is as easy as everyone says it is! So while I wait for Step Two, I think I'm going to dig out that Euroflax I've been so afraid of and cast on the shawl it was supposed to become.

1 comment:

luvs2knit said...

I feel your pain regarding lace and casting on all those stitches. I hope that Monday was a good day for you and that you didn't tire quickly. Cannot wait to see what the mystery stole looks like.


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