Saturday, June 11, 2005

I had this plan to finish my old WIPs before we moved, then I refined it to "Finish them before we close on the house or frog them and get rid of the yarn." Since the seller was planning on paying rent after our closing date and staying in the house until mid-August, it was a very reasonable plan that still left me time to pack and dabble with new projects. Now he's calling to see if we can close on July 5th or 6th and they'll be out by the 18th.

So, do I stop casting on interesting new projects and stick to the plan to get this stuff done? Give up the green sweater and the yarn that was going to be Pixie Boots and finish the stuff I'm most excited about? Or just be happy that I'm getting my house soon and that before long we'll be out of here and settled there so I can knit and quilt and whatever to my heart's content and stuff the old WIPs into the darkest corner of the new sewing room?

I'm leaning toward the third choice.

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