Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How do You Feel About Fussy Cutting?

I love the results that other people get, but I'm always hesitant when it comes to fussy cutting. My usual goal is to use as much of the fabric as humanly possible, especially when it comes to a favorite print, but for the project I have in mind I'm going to need to get the right image and to get it more or less centered.

I think the rectangles I've marked out are the best plan, but I'm going to sleep on it before I do any actual cutting. Just in case I change my mind.

Monday, October 24, 2016

7 Days to Halloween

I actually drove past this car without noticing the skeletons. HOW?!  Once Teenage son pointed them out to me (and asked how I could possibly miss them) we circled back for a parking space so he could get pictures.

Because they're adorable in a realistically skeletal way. This is the absolute best Halloween thing I've seen all month.

I've seen all of these posts about how hard it is to take a break from social media. It's not. Just spend a very long day at the Retro Gaming Expo with your teenage son and follow it immediately with an even longer day at the pumpkin patch with your two younger boys. You'll be too tired to even think of looking at Facebook or Pinterest or writing a blog post. Or maybe it doesn't count because while they were waiting in lines I read two books on the Kindle app of my phone. (I say it counts because it would count if I'd been reading something on paper.)

I didn't intend to do those two things back to back. The pumpkin patch was supposed to wait until next weekend, but the weather looked good and I decided it would be better to be dry and exhausted than getting as absolutely soaked as I did last year. On the plus side, I've never, ever seen my youngest boys wear themselves out like that.   I've got three happy sons and I'm not leaving the house again for days.

Unless I need something for Halloween costumes, because I'm running out of time and have absolutely no plan.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Food52 A New Way to Dinner

The idea behind Food52 A New Way to Dinner: A Playbook of Strategies for the Week Ahead is that you do most of the prep work on the weekend and then use what you've already cooked to make quick meals the rest of  the week. That sounds like exactly the kind of miracle I've been looking for, so I happily accepted a review copy from  the publisher.

There's a lot about this book to like. There are a lot of  recipes here, all with clear instructions. Weekly shopping lists are divided  into categories to make the trip to the store easier. Shortcuts and substitutions are offered in case your weekend doesn't allow for all of the suggested tasks. There are deserts and alcoholic beverages and lunches, not just dinners.

Ultimately, this isn't the book that's going to solve my nightly struggles. Too many of the foods are either completely unfamiliar or things that I know my family won't eat (and that's just taking the adults into consideration.) I'm looking for meals that I can prepare with products from the local grocery store... I'm not expecting to find ramps or garlic scapes when I can only find leeks on a good day. That's not a complaint about the book, though. It's a great looking plan that's not well-suited to our household.

What's your nightly plan? Anyone know of a cookbook or great website that's got healthy food with less exotic ingredients?

Disclosure - The publisher provided me with an electronic ARC. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Let's Make Baby Quilts! {10/21/16}

Let's Make Baby Quilts Linky Party Rules: 
Link directly to your post or specific Flickr photo. Your post can be about a baby quilt that's finished, or in progress, or you can be writing about what you have planned,  as long as it's about baby quilts. You're welcome to link to baby quilt posts that aren't brand new, but please don't submit the same post or picture more than once. I'd love it if you linked back to my site, either with a text link or the Let's Make Baby Quilts! button.


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