Thursday, April 06, 2017

Embroidered Faces

Look what my mommy stitched for me when I was a baby...

If my mother hadn't made this, I'd be a little less restrained when I asked WHAT IS UP WITH THOSE EYES?!  That has got to be the poster child for creepy embroidered babies.

I'm not good with faces myself. 

Sublime Stitching has a tutorial on how to stitch small facial features with lots of tips on which stitches and how many threads to use. It's the only one I've found that's for flat embroidery and not dolls.  Now I'm thinking I should just trace some faces and play around with the details instead of letting them make or break an entire block. 

Do you have trouble with faces? Or some good tips for me?


Laura said...

I'll be interested to see what other stitchers think. In my limited experience, small details are best done in small stitches with one strand of thread.

VickiT said...

I won't be much help to you as I haven't done hand embroidery for years. The picture of the one your Mom made for you reminded me of a machine embroidery design I purchased from Juli at Sew Weird designs. Like I said, it won't help you with hand embroidery, but if you have an embroidery machine it would. She has many other vintage designs she's digitized as well.

Dar said...

I bet you have big, beautiful blue yes and she wanted to be sure everyone knew it. Maybe that was what was most outstanding at the time on her beautiful baby girl.

I too would go with a single thread, but I haven't done many embroidered faces either.


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