Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Revelation

For almost twenty-four years now, my husband and I have been in a debate about which day of April our wedding anniversary falls on. He's set on one date, I'm set on another, and if I pull out our wedding album to find the answer, we'll both have forgotten by the following year and be back to debating it again. 

I've thought of solving the problem, which isn't really much of a problem at all, by stitching a wedding sampler and hanging it where we'll walk past it all day long, but that led to another problem. I kept my maiden name when we got married. For the fifteen years I've been stitching, that's been keeping me from following through on the idea. 

Then I saw this, which Grandma had tucked away in one of her bedroom drawers:  

There is no last name on that wedding sampler. After I realized that, I searched Pinterest for wedding samplers -- no last names.

Where did I get the idea that those things had last names on them?

It's been a long time since I pulled out the wedding album to check the date. We look at Hubby's work schedule, find a day that he's got free, and designate that as our anniversary for the year.


Dar said...

What a clever idea. I would have thought too that there would have been the new married name on it. Well, now I want to know WHEN the day really is.! My birthday falls in this special month too. I love the sampler that your grandma made.

MamaT said...

My mom had a wedding sampler that looked just like that. She and my dad were married in 1953.

Sherry said...

I love wedding samplers. I have made a few in cross stitch and only one had the last name on it, the one I made for my daughter and her husband.

Regina said...

What a fun story! Can't wait to see your sampler - and what date you choose! Hubby and I got married on the 10th anniversary of the day we met - and HE was the one who remembered the date. Wasn't going to jinx that by giving him another date to remember.


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