Thursday, October 30, 2014

Do YOU have Extra Sensory Perception?

The boys found this at an estate sale last year and I just couldn't say no. Because I'd never seen anything like it and just look at those graphics!

It seems to be complete. Or did when we bought it. I've fished a few cards out from under the couch cushions over the months.

And just in case I was worried that my boys might be experimenting with real psychic abilities...

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KatieQ said...

I think it's a riot that your children like this game. I'm old enough to remember when the Amazing Kreskin was a frequent guest on television variety shows. He came across as super dorky, but he always left the audience wondering how he pulled off his tricks. My late father was a big fan. Thanks for bringing back memories.

Rob and Monica said...

That really is an amazing looking game! Nice find! (Rob)


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