Saturday, June 28, 2014

For the Dollhouse

For a first attempt at wooden dollhouse furniture, it's not a complete disaster. 

There was no bloodshed. And by the time I got the bits of paper towel caught in the glue, I'd realized that the pieces weren't fitting together right and decided that this attempt probably wasn't going to be a keeper. I'll do better next time.

If I do try another cradle, it's not going to be from this pattern (which I found in a library book.) I don't like the proportions.  It seems too short and chunky. Probably because the life size cradle my boys slept in was way too long and skinny. There's got to be some happy middle ground somewhere.

I don't think I've shared the link for the $2 Thrift Store Dollhouse Makeover yet. Erin at Lansdowne life found the saddest looking dollhouse at a thrift store, covered in crayon scribbles and Disney contact paper. I don't think I would've looked at it twice, but she used stuff from around the house and furnished it for her little girl. It's adorable, not to mention durable enough for little fingers. There are so many gorgeous dollhouses online, and drooling over them is just the distraction I need lately.

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