Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Before life fell apart for the umpteenth time this year, I had lots of projects going. Now I've got to figure out what they were...and where they are. The kids are still asleep, I'm up and about, and it's time to get started.

Cabbage Roses (doesn't that sound much better than "the two color drunkard's path quilt?") is still on the sewing machine.

The Hobo Quilt is packed away in a project box. Except for the last couple of blocks that I finished. Those are ...somewhere... I need to either check the book out from the library again, or go buy my own copy.

The big Circles in Squares quilt is on the ironing board. I've got lots of the dark squares cut and lights picked out to cut for the background.

Texas Braids is ready to go. I need more light strips, which will come from those same fabrics I've got laid out for Circles in Squares.

Scrap Vomit is ...somewhere... I didn't have much of the piecing done, but I do need to find the squares of solid red and black that I cut for it. Now that I've got the die to cut 2 1/2" squares, this one would be easy to finish. If I could find it.

10 minute blocks...were on the sewing machine before I did my pre-surgery cleanup.

And I've got two little quilts ready to finish, the pink drunkard's path baby quilt and the purple 2 color lap quilt.

That's not counting the UFOs I started the year with. I've decided that there's just too much non-quilty stuff to stress about to mess with UFO guilt right now.

I was up for three hours before my boys staggered out of bed, so I spent some of that time reading blogs and enjoying the quiet house. No sense in doing things I knew would wake them up! There's plenty of fun inspiration to be found this morning --

Look at these embroidered dresses on Diary of a Bizarre Quilter.

I'm swooning over Vintage table linens at gen X quilters.

And look at these animal totes! Not totes shaped like animals, these have applique animals on them -- wouldn't they make great library totes for the boys?

And a clock made from a Little Golden Book! This one's got extra squeee! value because I actually had that book as a kid.

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