Sunday, June 06, 2010

not an example of heirloom machine quilting

Eleven more blocks pieced and appliqued, forty-six more to go...

My fingertips are a little singed, my template I made out of "no-melt mylar" is bubbled and warped almost beyond recognition, and I'm at that stressed point where I know that this quilt should come together more-or-less okay, but I don't yet have the faith that it'll actually happen.

If I do ten blocks a day, I can have them all done in eight days. I can do that! At the very least, I can get all of the quarter circles pieced so I don't walk around worrying about whether or not I cut enough wedges. (I definitely did cut enough wedges, but some might have wandered off and that's the possibility that I don't like.)

I can keep going and get it done, or I can set it aside to work on something else. I really want to see what all of these blocks look like together. I want to see what it looks like when it's quilted (although I haven't tried free motion quilting since last time, when the machine made a jackhammer sound with every stitch and that's another thing to stress over!)

In between finger singing and slow zig zag stitching and bread making, I've been following links from the Process Pledge. I've always worried that showing pictures of the same quilt over and over might drive away whatever readers I've got. And then I wind up not posting because I've only got that one quilt to post about. Maybe I should take the pledge.

The Process Pledge

I've also decided that I need a dishmat. A donut quilt would be very fun. I want to machine piece hexagons, probably cut from my vintage sheets, and I can't find the blog post that I want to link to because it's where I got the idea, which is annoying me.

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Kare said...

Michelle - is this the hexagon link you were speaking of:


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