Saturday, August 22, 2009

I bought myself a new book -- Machine Freehand Patterns by Nan Moore.

It was in the new Connecting Threads catalog that came in the mail last week and, seduced by the idea of "faux pantographs," I decided to add it to my next thread order. Then it turned out that they had it at Joann's and I had a coupon, so I've got it in my hands it already.

I was really hoping for more written information on that whole faux pantograph thing, but the explanation is mostly line drawings with a few arrows here and there to clarify which direction to go. Most of it's easy to understand, but a few absolutely confuse me.

Although the pantographs were a disappointment, there are quite a few borders and all over designs in the book I want to try. Layered Squares is pin-basted and all ready for a meander with some cute little hearts thrown in.

And Scrappy Mountains is quilted and ready for me to trim off the excess and sew on the binding. I'm not entirely sure if I like the dark meandering on the light fabrics or not. It's much more obvious in real life than in the pictures.

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