Thursday, January 08, 2009

I think my iron is sick. I plugged it in this afternoon and it didn't get very hot. Why couldn't I have found out before I made the trip to Walmart for cold medicine this afternoon? Now I've got to drag four kids out again sooner than I'd planned, or try to convince Bill to pick up a new one for me.

The poor thing is close to twenty years old and even though it spent most of that life gathering dust in the backs of closets, it's also been dropped quite a few times. I'm pretty sure I got my money's worth, but I want the thing to work TONIGHT!

Maybe it heard me tell Janet that I was thinking of buying a new one and it's getting even.

Yesterday wasn't much fun, but I did manage to stop at Joann's to buy a few yards of nice muslin for a new quilt I'm dying to try. Mom gave me a big garbage bags of quilting scraps she wanted to be rid of and Grandma showed up at karate with two bags she'd just found at the thrift store.

They're perfect stuff to hack up for the Scrap User's System and I was sure I was going to have some time to play with them after the kids are in bed tonight.

I've even found the pattern I want to cut pieces for -- Scrappy Mountain Majesties. Maybe the iron will be just healthy enough to get me through a few hours of quilting tonight.

Or I could knit myself a pair of mittens. I think Give a Hoot might be even cuter than those cabled snowmen.

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