Thursday, April 24, 2008

My mother doesn't appreciate my taste in fabric, at least not when it comes to the skulls. But these have to be the most wonderful skull fabric I've ever seen. Now I'm determined to find the perfect red floral and make myself a tote bag.

The church group met this morning and started our new project - a mariner's compass quilt. I love the pattern, but after working hard to match plaid stripes and learn a new technique, I feel like doing something really mindless tonight. Not sure if that'll be knitting or quilting -- or maybe a little of both.


The Smores Socks are done and they aren't quite as snug as I feared they'd be. Maybe my feet were swollen when I tried on the first one.

The Ivy Lace socks, though, will not fit. I was sure I had it right, but nope. The one I've finished fits my eleven year old daughter's foot just fine. The foot fits me, but the leg is too narrow. I'm missing some important knitting concept here, but I can't figure out what it is.

And since she wants them and she's the only one in the house I haven't made a pair of socks for, I'm going to finish the pair and give them to her.

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