Monday, March 31, 2008

It feels like I haven't accomplished anything this month so I went back through my blog entries to see if I had forgotten something.

What I did do in March --

  • finished two pairs of toddler socks for the little guys
  • finished 9 blocks for that applique kitten quilt
  • cut and pieced a bunch of shaded nine-patch blocks
  • sewed the handles onto Trimiters
  • cast on a pair of socks that didn't work out
  • test knit 61 rows of a lace shawl (then dropped a stitch so badly I'll have to start over)
  • cast on a different pair of socks for myself and finished up to the second heel
  • cast on a third pair of socks for myself and finished one toe and a few rows of the stitch pattern
  • cast on Mystic Light and made it to row 7 before frogging

    Written out as a list, it looks like more than I thought I got done, but it still doesn't feel like very much. I know how many days (not counting the trip) I've spent not knitting, or quilting, or doing anything creative at all. Not because I was busy with other things, but because I didn't feel like moving my fingers.

    This is pathetic.

    On the bright side, our schoolbooks should get here tomorrow -- maybe that'll inspire me. At the very least, it should stop me from reading and rereading through the catalogs that showed up this week and thinking absolutely insane thoughts about ordering a pre-preschool curriculum for the two littlest ones.
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