Friday, December 22, 2006

I was going to go through and re-inventory my yarn, writing out on index cards what the yarn is, how many skeins there are, and what I think I'm going to use it for. I figure I can do it a box at a time, then organize the cards for stuff that doesn't have a purpose by weight or amount or something. I got the contents of one of my knitting bags done, then couldn't find the other knitting bag, the one with most of my favorite "good" yarn in it. I how it hadn't left the house....There's no reason it would have left its spot by the couch....But I looked other places and it wasn't in the sewing room...or in the corner of the dining room that I actually use as my sewing room.... The bag eventually did turn up in the kitchen. Empty.

My partially completed Mystery Stole was in there. The pretty yellow wool for my Rapunzel socks was in there. The Elann yarn for two summer tops was in there. So was a mesh bag with yarn for several pairs of socks -- but that turned up on top of my sewing table. I think I've got a vague memory of emptying the bag to use it for something, but I have no clue what I did with the yarn. And it's not any of the places that it would make sense for me to have put it. sigh


Alex's hat is finally done! It's been my gas station knitting for a couple of months now, riding around in the pocket of my car door. I knit it top down with one skein of Knitpicks Parade and used some Kroy sock yarn for the ribbing and rolled hem. She likes it and I'm glad to have used the yarn for something cute.

I also made fudge today. Or something that resembles fudge. I've got a suspicion that there's really more to fudge-making than putting butter and chocolate chips and evaporated milk in the microwave, then mixing it all together and pouring it into the cardboard tray that came with the box of fudge mix. Whatever it is, it's yummy and has satisfied the craving that Alex triggered when she bought a piece of fudge home out to the car from karate last night.

And I'm making white chicken chili. Because it's the perfect food and every meal should be white chicken chili. The rest of the family does not agree with me. And no, I'm not pregnant. I'm just in the mood for white chicken chilli every single night lately.

I'm not sure if I'll work on the endpaper mitts or the lace tonight. Or wrap presents, which is really what I should be doing because Christmas is coming fast and I haven't wrapped a thing yet!

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Rachel said...

Melekalikimaka! I hope you are able to find your missing yarn. I do that all the time; put something "away", and then forget where "away" is!


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