Friday, July 14, 2006

I was determined to finish Clue 1 of the Mystery Stole by tonight at the very latest so I could get started on Clue 2. I thought that if I didn't spend any time writing blog entries, I might get it done. Then my head got all stuffy and I didn't trust myself to count right. And this happened:


Mom came over and we experimented with freezer paper applique and I figured out how to put the right foot on my sewing machine for free motion quilting. This piece of fabric is going to be a tote bag. I bought the pattern and fabric after seeing the bag at the monthly Craft Warehouse quilting thing. Another one of those projects that was a huge splurge at the time. And I was doing really well until the directions told me to quilt it. I probably could've managed straight lines, but I wanted undulating curves around the houses and trees and was scared to death that I'd ruin my wonderful fabric if I tried it by machine and knew that hand quilting it would take forever -- not that I knew how to do that either.

Do you see those wonderful undulating curves? I really hope the rest of the fabric and the pattern that tells me how to finish this thing are where I think they are.

Needless to say, I didn't get Clue #1 finished in time.

I've got this need to knit, felt, quilt, embroider, take a bleach-pen to, freezer paper stencil, or whatever else I've just seen on a blog or the dangerous DIY network, absolutely EVERYTHING! I'm in love with my mystery stole (suspicious that my gauge is gonna make it way too small, but loving that undulating lace pattern), finally getting something done on How Does Your Garden Grow?, went out yesterday to dig through the bins at the Goodwill outlet for t-shirts to cut up so I can knot the loops together and knit a rug like they did in Mason Dixon knitting, just printed a bunch of stuff I found on Knitting Pattern Central...

How could I not want to knit a Cabled Hobo Bag, or the Gratuitous Cables Shrug -- cabling as though there's no tomorrow! -- or the Lace Wings Fixation Socks. I've even got a single skein of blue Fixation. And the two skeins of Wool-Ease that shrug calls for.

The kids are asleep, there's good stuff on TV tonight, and I'm going to go see what I can get done before they start waking up again!

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