Thursday, March 02, 2006


I went to the OB for my six week checkup today and while I was in town with only one baby, I dashed into the LYS. I swear, even with a list of planned purchases that includes things I know they carry, I can't manage to spend money in that place!

I wanted 3 skeins of Fixation. They don't carry it.

I wanted the Wonderful Wallaby pattern. They carry it, but were sold out.

I wanted a skein of Cotton Fleece. They had two left on the shelf, one in the pale yellow color I'd been imagining. But it looked dirty and even though I'm sure the dark stuff was just fluff from a neighboring skein and would come off okay, $7.25 is more than I'm willing to spend on yarn that isn't pretty and clean.

They didn't even have the pattern for the really cute little girl cardigan that was laid out next to the cash register. Which I guess is okay, because it didn't come in Alex's size.

Walmart, on the other hand, was very easy to buy yarn at. I was only going to pick up five skeins of dark green Caron Simply Soft, if they had it. I've already made two trips to the store near our place (where there is an empty wire bin and they expect to get some eventually) and was starting to think I'd have to try all three of the Salem stores before I found any. Salem store #1 didn't have a single skein, but they did have it in Barn Red, which is even better. They also had a vivid yellow that will make a great pineapple hat, and I had to get two skeins of contrasting blue for the Cozy Diamond Wrap from Modular Knits.

I wasn't paying attention to the difficulty levels while I nursed Leif in the parking lot and flipped through the library books I'd picked up on the way to the doctor. It's probably a good thing I didn't look at Wrap Style, or I might've wound up bringing home a lot more. Like the 3200 yards of worsted weight it would take to knit Cashmere Crossings. Yikes! I love it, but that's a lot of yarn, which means a lot of knitting...

I'm starting to covet cheap (but nice) acrylic. Especially Caron Wintuk, which I've liked for quite a while, and Caron Simply soft, which a friend on one of the lists was just saying wonderful things about. I read her posts without really paying attention. Then I stumbled across a baby sweater I'd knitted with it a couple of years ago and something finally clicked. I've been getting sick of Wool-Ease and here's this stuff that's softer, comes in a lot more colors (at least in the stores around here) and is even a lot cheaper. Yippee!!

I've got sock yarn. I've finally found some needles that seem willing to cooperate with my lace weight. I've got enough acrylic for the projects I want to start right now (not counting the ones I found in the library books last night.)

I'm a happy knitter.

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