Friday, January 27, 2006

Leif's First Hat

My baby needed a hat. The other babies in the NICU have their own cute little outfits and cute little stuffed animals and mine would have something cute if I could leave the stupid house to go shopping for him. So I made a hat last night and sent it up to him this morning. I hope it fits. I hope it doesn't get lost in the NICU before I can get a picture of him wearing it.

I'd love to find more baby hat patterns like Baby's First Hat. The cute premie patterns are too small, or too basic, or too girly... I've got a vision of my dream hat, but don't have the yarn to make it right now -- and may not have the skills, but as long as the hat is in the fantasy stages, that doesn't matter.

I'd like to try this pattern. I think I have the right colors in the house for an apple and leaves, and hopefully Alex has some brown in her stash that'll work for a stem. The pineapple hat is cute, too, but I know I don't have the right shade of yellow.

And what Leif really needs is a Viking hat! I followed the link expecting the chicken hat, but this is a real Viking one. I'd need to knit it even if my little guy didn't have a Viking name.

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luvs2knit said...

I cannot wait to see him with his knitted hat on!!!


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